Welcome to our site. There are so many games sites out there today on the web. We like to specialise in mahjong and bring to you the best mahjong games on the web. We hope you enjoy, happy playing!

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Mahjong MJMahjong MJ

Mahjongg is a game of matching tiles. Mahjong tiles are stacked up according to a selected layout. Tiles can only be selected if they are the rightmost or the leftmost tiles, and n...

Download Mahjong MJ (2.05 Mb).

Aerial MahjongAerial Mahjong

Match blocks and solve puzzles in enigmatic aerial land of MahJong! Pass through all of its fascinating levels and solve all the riddles to find the mighty mage and gain from hi...

Download Aerial Mahjong (10.8 Mb).

Feng-Shui MahjongFeng-Shui Mahjong

Learn the Feng Shui teachings of eastern wise men by matching tiles and utilizing special Yin-Yang tiles. The faster you match the tiles on the board, the more points you will scor...

Download Feng-Shui Mahjong (9.44 Mb).

Stone-Jong 1.3Stone-Jong 1.3

Stone-Jong turns the classic solitaire formula upside-down with its unusual gameplay, 3D graphics, and 2 gameplay modes. Match stones instead of cards to uncover a beautiful hidden...

Download Stone-Jong 1.3 (9.46 Mb).

Caribbean MahJongCaribbean MahJong

A new tropical treat from the makers of Aloha Solitaire! Take a fabulous Luxury Cruise and visit 12 exotic islands while collecting attractive keepsakes and quirky postcards. Or be...

Download Caribbean MahJong (11.8 Mb).

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